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Twelve reasons Social Media is important for the Job Hunter

1. Get Out there!

How will others in your circles and at your target companies know you are looking for a job if they don’t hear it from you? This is your chance to inform everyone how great you are and you will meet others that can help you with you job search

2. Prove you are current

Using social media can help prove to potential employers that you are up to date. When I first started, I had a flip phone and a XP machine. Yucky! I learned how to send text messages from my computer, even thought I didn’t have a smart phone. You can also go to libraries or stores and get familiar with new technologies. Lastly, use the free websites available to create a website, create a blog, or learn new technologies.

3. Social Media makes you visible

Having your resume or profile on the internet means a recruiter can contact you!

4. Don’t need to attend meetings or travel

5. It’s not always what you know, but who you know.

6. Advertise

You have a product, sell it! (It’s you and your awesome skills)

7. Do work that proves your skills

So you say you can create a website, prove it! You have great communication skills, let me see it. You can pay attention to details, show it.

8. Bing is the new resume

You better be there! More and more, HR departments are checking candidates online. Make sure your online presence is professional.

9. Take Charge!

Research companies you want to work for. Don’t just sit there and wait for the perfect job to be posted. Learn about companies you want to work for. Look for trends or important news about the companies you want to work for.

10. Join Groups

You are not alone

11. Does your target career require communication skills?

Is there a career that does not require communication skills? Work on your skills. Learn the acronyms.

12. Picture yourself happily performing your job, now create that person online!

Create an online persona that proves you are great! You are an asset that your targeted companies would be luck to have. Research the companies that you are targeting. Learn about their current challenges. Create solutions for their challenges and make sure to include your awesomeness in that plan, then demonstrate those awesome plans to the world!







Using Social Media for Job Search

Social Media can get you places. 

For a person that feels isolated, social media is an instant solution. Wikipedia defines social media as a social situation where people share and exchange information in virtual communities and networks. With some time and research, a motivated person can create an online network where they can begin to build creditability and learn about their target ideal career. Instead of traveling to meetings or trade shows, an online user can learn and communicate about their career community without having to spend money and can schedule this online experience around their current responsibilities.


I am going to review a few social media tools that have been working for me, this can give you a starting point for your online presence.


  1. YouTube-this is a content community. I have found many different ways to utilize this type of social media. I have used it to learn new skills, like how to use a new software program or app. I have also used YouTube to listen to different types of speakers. If you need some motivation, search for motivational speakers.
  2. Wikipedia– this is considered a collaborative project. This free online encyclopedia is very useful when researching for your next career endeavor.
  3.– I used this free resource to launch my blog. I wanted to start blogging; therefore, I created a blog that documented my journey into the workforce.  If from my story I can help one person return to the workforce, then my blog is a success.
  4. Twitter– Great place to tell the world about your ideas and your blog.
  5. LinkedIn– this is like  Facebook for business people. This is a perfect place to display your resume information and a place to network with others in your field. It is a good idea to research the etiquette of LinkedIn, before start connecting with potential colleagues.
  6.– a free web hosting site with easy templates to create your own website. Yes, a website about you!


So, I have provided a list of places a person can start online. No excuses, these are all free to use resources. The profiles and information you present online is your opportunity to tell everyone how great you are.  While you are conducting your job search, the social networking is an excellent way to get you into the mainstream.  You can be the worlds best widget maker, but the world needs to know who you are.

Stay at Home Moms have resume gaps.

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Quitting the “poor me” party.

“Shame breeds fear, blame, and disconnection.” Dr. Brene Brown

Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) don’t be ashamed of where you are and who you are because, you don’t need to defend your life choices and you shouldn’t.

You stayed at home and did what was right for your family; therefore, never try to defend it or deny it. If you are returning to work, don’t feel like you should defend that either.

When I first started my journey to return to work, I faced some challenges from within me and from my peers.  From within, I felt like I was damaged goods because I had been away from my industry and felt outdated. I also felt frumpy, badly dressed, drab, dull, plain, shabby, sloppy, unstylish, and stuck in a mommy rut. I had some wonderful people tell me otherwise, but it didn’t matter, I was still having these feelings. Instead of denying my feels, I decided to start working on me.

Working on yourself, it is not an easy project. It first started with a great decision. I had to make a decision that making changes were important and something I believed in. So, the first step was quitting the “poor me” party. Yeah, I was doing it and I knew it.

“Some things need to be believed to be seen.” Guy Kawasaki

I needed to believe in my visions and set goals for myself.  When I began to see myself as successful I began to project what needed to be seen. If you don’t see yourself as successful, how will you reach success?

Question for other moms: How do you project success? 

When making life decisions are there true failures or conceived ideas that seem like failures?

“Fear of change is normal.” Carly Fiorina For many reasons, I have faced the fear of change. I have been afraid of returning to work and failing. I have been worried about being good enough and worried about what others will think of my decisions. Instead of letting my fears keep me in a safe area, I have begun to launch my career. It was up to me to be responsible for my reactions and I decided to take control of how I was presenting myself. It was important to me to keep a positive outlook about my journey, because being negative was going to develop into low self-esteem.  As Harvey Mackay says, “Failure is not falling down, but staying down.” I began taking small steps that helped me achieve a positive outlook. The change in me began with reading books that had positive messages. Here are two that were and still are helping me change: Use Your Head To Get Your Foot in the Door. By Harvey Mackay Back On the Career Track. By Carol Fishman Cohen & Vivian Steir Rabin.  Please comment on my question: If you try and don’t reach the designated goal, but learn, is it a failure?  

Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) faces her fear & makes a decision to return to work.

In my blog, I will be sharing about the journey I am experiencing, even though I realize every mom’s transition will be unique. I faced fear. I was feeling invaluable to the workforce and irreplaceable in my home. My beliefs of reality were crippling me and keeping me from entering the workforce. I also was battling the fear of releasing control. How does a perfectionist that has had everything her way give up control of the children and the house? Here at this point, I had a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person. I could make choices that would lead to change or I could chicken out! Would the element of economic need be enough to change? Would it just be easier to stay at home in my comfort zone? Ultimately it would be my decision to change and I did! When you are faced with fear, how do you handle it?

Mommy Goes Back to Work

A visit to the library taught me there would be no quick fix to my situation. I really, really wanted a quick fix. I am not a stand around and wait kind of person. So, I was learning that my approach and attitude needed to change. I started to focus on what I could do, not on what was wrong with my past. I needed to finish my “poor little me” party, put my big girl suit on, and getting a first step completed. I saw an excellent opportunity to grow and develop as a person and as a  professional. Instead of focusing on the bad, I would rather become a more marketable product for the work force. The first priority of my plan was acquiring a paying job. While researching, how to fix my situation, I read, Back on the Career Track, by Carol Fishman Cohen & Vivian Steir Rabin,  I learned that returning to work gradually would be easier on my family and me. So, here is step one! My step one or first task in the project was: Get a part time job that will get me in shape for working again and start preparing my family for the future.

Wow, sounds simple does it not? Truthfully, the transformation from devastated mommy that wants to hide under the covers to working mommy took several months.

Please post a comment if you have been a scared mommy faced with returning back to work. I would like to hear about others that were scared too. Thanks


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